Wednesday, August 13, 2014

13 weeks.

how far? 13 weeks & 3 days (coming up on my 4th month!)

size of baby? a peach.

weight gain? none so far.

maternity clothes? actually the shirt in these pictures is my first "maternity" labeled shirt. it was 11 dollars, so doable! i'm sure i will be purchasing some bigger pants very soon. any type of pressure on my stomach makes me sick!

sleep? during this first trimester i have been going to bed around 9 or 10 every night, which is so not like me.. i'm a night owl! however staying asleep the whole night has gotten harder & harder. going to the bathroom in the middle of the night kills me. once i'm up i never fall back asleep!

best moment of the week? seeing an actual bump growing! its been hard to believe that i'm actually pregnant up until now. the bigger my belly gets the more realistic it is to me! oh & we bought a house! we are officially home owners. (more on that coming soon...)

worst moment of the week? tyler crashing my car in to a pole & my hormones combined in to one drastic moment. it was a scary sight to say the least!

happy or moody? i would call it emotional… tyler would definitely call it moody/dramatic. haha!

food cravings? cheese cheese & more cheese. i bought a huge block of sharp cheddar & ate the entire thing in one day. slice by slice it was gone. tyler was so confused!

food aversions? chicken & coca cola. i want to throw up even thinking about it. coke was my go to drink once a day before i was pregnant. my taste buds are so off it doesn't even appeal to me anymore! can you say major withdrawals? my migraines are the worst they've ever been!

gender? hoping to find out in the next couple weeks! tyler & i both think a girl. but we'll see!

movement? nope!

symptoms? surprisingly, i haven't been too sick. i've maybe thrown up a total of 5 times. for the first little while no food sounded good, but if i didn't eat i would get nauseous. it was a constant battle! i get a migraine probably 5-6 times a week. my back pain is pretty bad too, especially when i'm on my feet all day doing hair. i come home in need of a back rub!

hats off to being out of the first trimester! hence this really happy picture.


  1. you are so adorable & I must see you soon!!

  2. hill try using peppermint oils on your neck or try peppermint tea for the head aches that helped me lots! I never was a oil person till I was pregnant

  3. Girl, I am on that cheese train too. We should have a party.

  4. cutest prego mama ever! I can't wait to see pics of your house too! xox