Thursday, July 24, 2014

baby sherwood coming soon.


tyler & i are so so happy to finally be sharing the news to everyone! keeping such a huge secret absolutely killed me.  

our first reaction was a little confused, & we weren't totally sold on believing that it was actually happening. i remember looking at ty saying, "babe it can't be true! let's go buy more tests right now!" after buying three more tests, (i wouldn't let him buy the cheap walmart brand tests either. they had to be the real deal!) with a positive result, that's when the news sunk in... we're going to be parents! i'm finally going to be a mom! 

for years & years this has been my dream. anyone who knows me thought for sure within the first year of marriage i would be pregnant! my poor husband had to listen to me begging every. single. day. 

i wouldn't trade this timing for anything, it always works out just perfectly. i'm grateful we had a year to grow & spend time together just as a couple. i truly believe we needed that time to prepare ourselves for this next step in our lives. 

so here we are -
the prettiest photos done by one of my dearest friends hunter kofford.
our sweet baby will be due february 2015. 

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