Monday, September 8, 2014

17 week bump.

how far? 17 weeks today what?! it's going by so so fast.

size of baby? an onion or pomegranate.

weight gain? at my 15 week appointment i hadn't gained any weight… yet. i'm sure there's been a few pounds put on!

maternity clothes? i bought a pair of topshop pants that have a sweat like material on top but they're jeans. can't quite explain but i consider them to be a kind of maternity!

sleep? love my sleep! it's almost like i'm a newborn baby. i can't get enough sleep! my dreams are vivid & scary. they seem so so real & i'll wake up in the morning in tears. 

best moment of the week? eating at tepanyaki's, i finished every single bite! i have been begging tyler this entire summer to take me there & we finally got to go!

worst moment of the week? throwing up while tyler & i were watching a movie. i booked it to the bathroom & threw up which is so not like me. i have hardly thrown up my entire pregnancy! apparently baby didn't like the food i ate for dinner.

happy or moody? very up & down. i can be happy one second & the next i'm crying. but i think i'm not the only one who experiences this, right?

food cravings? not really any cravings. just eating everything & anything. oh my goodness! i'm hungry always.

food aversions? still chicken. blah!

gender? we're finding out in two weeks! we both think girl.

movement? nothing yet! i'm too excited to feel those first kicks.

symptoms? migraines, back pain, & night sweats. i wake up in the middle of the night drenched in freezing sweat. which i've read is pretty normal but i'm hoping that will go away soon.

tyler starts school this week, i'm not quite sure what i'm going to do with him being at school all day & working on top of that. i know i'm really going to struggle! he's been such a rock my entire pregnancy. he's basically the house wife on top of everything else he does for me & our soon to be family! so cross your fingers i can get through these crazy months up until baby comes. 


  1. yep, all of that sounds completely normal to me!

  2. Cute cute! Lets see your new house now (:

  3. You've been tagged! Enjoy! :)