Sunday, November 24, 2013

all grown up

today i attended my best friend's farewell. i'm amazed at how far the three of us have came since 1st grade when we were in the same class at draper elementary. endless sleepovers, playing "house"at each others homes, sprinklers under the tramp, & now we watch each other go through the best times of our lives. laughing at how fare we've come. last year we met up at cafe rio with no idea what was in store for us. i'm married, grace is engaged, & madi is leaving on a mission to new york! how happy i am that we could continue to stay so close through all these years.

we've been mia for the last couple days but who has time to take pictures & blog? most definitely not me! we will be going to arizona for thanksgiving this year to be with his family! (my first thanksgiving away from home) although it will be hard, i'm so excited for our first holiday together & even better… black friday! he's in for a real treat. hah!

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