Sunday, December 8, 2013

a LONG winter ahead

a day that i look forward to every week. tyler & i make it a priority to go & spend that day with my family. my mom makes mashed potatoes & steak every time so we may or may not take advantage of that too. the boys were the cutest out shoveling the snow on the drive way while coral & i did girly things like put on lipstick & take pictures. we pretended for a sec that my brother tatum was a girl. it's okay because he totally loved it.
my blog has been abandoned for quite some time. oops. therefore this post is a whole lot of randoms.

funny story.
the first day of snow i get a call from tyler as i'm on my way to work…
"i can't do this. i can't drive in the snow. i'm sliding everywhere! i'm turning around & not going to school." i just laughed, my arizona husband isn't so arizona anymore! so there you have it. looks like i'll be the designated driver for this winter, i have a LONG winter ahead.


  1. Hello! I'm newly following you via BL :)

    Beautiful piccies!

    Leanne *hugs*!!

  2. Just discovered your blog! You are so gorgeous!