Monday, November 24, 2014

28 weeks - third trimester YAY!

how far? 28 weeks - did i mention i forgot that last week i hit my third trimester? yeah, i'll blame it on pregnancy brain!

size of baby? coconut - that seems so so big to me!

weight gain? 18 pounds super depressing!

sleep? if i have a pillow in between my legs & i've eaten a meal in the last hour i can sleep. but if i'm hungry there's no hope in getting any sleep!

best moment of the week? getting more & 
more prepared for this baby to come! we found her the cutest bassinet. & we got the stroller & car seat! we went with the urbini baby brand. we got such a good deal buying them as a set! 

worst moment of the week? glucose test! i got the lemon lime drink & oh my gosh... it was the grossest thing i've ever tasted. i'm just glad it's over & done with.

happy or moody? just moody. tyler likes to tell me this is the only baby we're having because of how craaaazy i am! 

food cravings? burritos. costa vida to be particular. but any type of a wrapped tortilla i'm totally okay with it. 

movement? lots of kicks & squirms all day everyday! my little siblings love to feel her kicks. 

stretch marks? nope!

symptoms? can't breathe. baby is all up in my ribs. let's hope these next 12 weeks go by fast! i need this baby OUT.

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  1. you look amazing! the size of a coconut does seem pretty big haha, but it sure doesn't look like it!

    xoxo, kiely