Thursday, October 30, 2014

24 weeks.

how far? 24 weeks - 6 full months of pregnancy. three more months to go!

size of baby? cantaloupe - according to an app on my phone she weighs a little over one pound this week!

weight gain? at my last appointment i had gained 10 pounds. 

maternity clothes? yes. i bought a pair of maternity jeans & i love love love them! basically i'm just buying everything one or two sizes bigger than normal to fit over my growing belly!

sleep? i fall asleep just fine, it's staying asleep throughout the whole night that is hard. 

best moment of the week? we bought the baby's crib! & i got a gap credit card which is obviously the highlight of my year! (if you were to ask tyler he would say worst decision ever hah!) their baby clothes are just too perfect for words.

worst moment of the week? super long work days & being on my feet with no breaks! my back pain is the absolute worst it's ever been. 

happy or moody? happier than the first few months of pregnancy. i do cry quite a lot though haha!

food cravings? not really any cravings. i just need to know where my next meal is coming from every hour of the day! food is on my mind constantly. 

food aversions? i'm back to eating anything, although i have the strongest sense of smell.


movement? around 21 weeks i felt her first movements. tyler felt her for the first time too! she kicks all night long.

stretch marks? none! & i'm hoping it stays that way. although i'm not sure how i can continue to get bigger. it's amazing what our bodies can do!

symptoms? horrible dreams! & i mean HORRIBLE. 


  1. You are the cutest pregnant lady ever! I am loving all your outfits!

  2. ADORABLE!!! you make me miss being pregnant! :)