Thursday, November 7, 2013

park city surprise!

during the summer tyler & i moved to houston, texas so he could do summer sales & help manage a team. while out there it was so hard for me to see all of our friend's & family's going on vacations & being able to at least swim at a pool! i often complained because i was afraid to even walk out of our front door. he promised me that when we got back to utah & received our back-end check he would take me to park city for a weekend.

last friday as i walked in the door from work... i saw this note on our kitchen table. 

how he pulled it off without me knowing, i will never know! i was very impressed. we went to dinner at the blue iguana in salt lake, so yummy! after we drove up to park city to the marriott hotel, got our swimsuits on, & jumped from hot tub to hot tub. (if you have never been there.. they have six!) got in our comfy clothes, rented a red box & cuddled, then woke up & got mcdonald's breakfast hah! he even let me go to the outlets for a little bit. it was so perfect & so relaxing.

it was just what i needed. no worries, no trying to take a million pictures, just tyler & hillary. 

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