Wednesday, November 6, 2013


unfortunately the first day i didn't bring my t3i so iphone pictures look like the above. don't worry though, i brought it the second and third day. picture quality will no longer lack! for halloween they changed the haunted mansion to the nightmare before christmas with jack the skeleton. it was christmas themed which i'm not so sure i liked it! they also closed down it's a small world to get it ready for christmas. so for those of you who are planning a trip, don't ever go the end of october!
having seven kids in your family means you've got the disneyland vacationing mastered. eating breakfast at goofy's kitchen & having characters come to your table is the perfect way to get pictures instead of waiting in lines for so long while in the park. (although it's a little pricey.. it's so worth it!)
cars land is truly the coolest place ever! the rides are ridiculously long so walking through it might be as far as you get. it looks just like the movie! okay notice ledger's little pin on his jacket? it says happy birthday. it wasn't his birthday but let me tell you… the workers there told both of my little brothers happy birthday probably on every ride we went on! after the tower of terror the worker let him wear her hat & take a picture by the elevator after every one left. (a little secret.. ledger is no where near tall enough for this ride but we made super tall inserts to slide in their shoes so they could go on every ride!) i wasn't kidding when i said we mastered the disneyland experience! oh & the world of color was just beautiful.
newport beach was just freezing & miserable, it'll make for good memories in the long run though!
the character parades are a must as well as the pickles & churros. staying late for the fireworks too! i wouldn't be disappointed if lived here. 
as for next time disneyland… let's hope that tyler can come & it'll be much sooner than later.

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