Tuesday, October 22, 2013

happy times.

we love our married friends & trying to be crafty.
this past weekend i got to spend some time with one of my closest friends hunter.
she designed my blog so naturally, i do her hair. 
even if it meant washing her hair in the sink we bonded & laughed, & that's all that matters. 
soul sisters for lifeeee.

there's nothing i love more then when life starts to fall in to place & my stress level decreases a whole lot. i truly believe that i've been given so many trials this past year for a reason. although i will never understand why life is sometimes unfair, i'm grateful for the good & the bad. one day i'll look back & laugh, right? 

thank heavens for my sweetheart & his ability to keep pushing.
(oh, & for letting me go to disneyland last minute whoo!)