Wednesday, October 16, 2013

halloween festivities.

tonight we went to the witchfest at gardner village with my cute siblings.
thankfully tyler gets off work early on wednesday's so i usually try to plan something fun!

the witch in the port a potty... gross!
i just want to take him home forever.

well the day has finally come, I GOT A JOB! after weeks of praying, confusion, & why's... i'm proud to say i will finally be working in a salon.

since being moved home in utah i've probably applied at thirty places, with the feeling in my gut knowing i wasn't supposed to work there. yes, there were many emotional days when your husband goes off to work & you sit at home feeling hopeless. seeing the money in our bank account slowly decrease & knowing that i could be contributing to the financial situation but there was nothing i could do. the sacrifices my husband does for us on a daily basis truly amazes me. going to school full time & working to pay our bills without one complaint. he continued to stay positive & told me to have faith that it'll all work out. i really don't know what i'd do with out him & his patience, he sure does keep me going & on my feet!