Thursday, February 5, 2015


for christmas/birthday i got a new camera, the canon 60d. so bare with me since today was the first time pulling it out of the box & learning how to use it! i also didn't realize that when you buy an older home... the lack of natural lighting you have in all of your rooms! bummer. i had to do quite the photoshop fixing to make the pictures lighter!

earlier this month, around 35 weeks i had an early birth scare. i was having contractions every 2-4 minutes for a couple hours. i kept ignoring the thought until i called my OB & they said to rush in. i'm delivering at the murray hospital which is no five minute drive, so i called tyler to get off work to head up to the hospital! after hooking me up to track my contractions they confirmed i was really contracting that often. so they gave me an iv & multiple bags of medicine. my doctor came down to delivery & labor to check & see if i was dilated or effaced. indeed i was - dilated to 2 centimeters & 50% effaced! which freaked me out even more, realizing this baby could come any day. we hadn't even had my baby shower yet! i immediately went home & online shopped like crazy.. crib sheet, rug, monitor everything!

they sent me home on strict bedrest & medicine that would stop the contractions. those were the worst, i got horrible migraines taking those huge pills three times a day! 

i am now 38 weeks, hallelujah! after my last appointment being dilated at a 3 & 70% effaced my doctor scheduled me a day to deliver five days before my actual due date. (what?!) i have heard from so many people that they wouldn't induce you until you were atleast 41 weeks with your first baby. i got pretty lucky i guess! february 11th is the day! next week our baby girl will be here & we couldn't be more excited. tyler & i sit in her room often picturing how things are going to change drastically. we have grown so much closer over this last month, watching my husband prepare to come a dad. we've really tried to cherish all the moments with just him & i. 

i'll put links to where i found the majority of the pieces to her room at the bottom of the post!

crib: ikea
dresser & white book shelf: thrifted
gray rocking chair: walmart
rug: rugs usa (purchased on black friday with 75% coupon code!)
crib sheet:
gold triangle vinyl: dana decals
polka dot quilt: the baby cubby
gray pillow: tj maxx
crate hanging boxes: hobby lobby
geo print pouf: target
peach side stand: target
lamp: target
coral shelf: urban outfitters
baby monitor: amazon
deer antlers: home goods
wire bow hanger: ikea
cream ball blanket: target


  1. Wow such a cute nursery and I LOVE the grey rocking chair.

  2. Adorable nursery Hillary! Love your style. Good luck with the sweet baby girl!

  3. absolutely beautiful, i love every single piece! well done!!! now share other house pictures before the delivery :) good luck on wednesday!!

  4. oh my gosh! this nursery is seriously so perfect. i'm obsessed with that wall. did you guys just tape it off? or how did you get it to be so symmetrical?

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