Saturday, October 12, 2013

where has the time gone?

six months ago today, i married my best friend in the draper temple for time & all eternity. wait, what?? i feel as though it was just yesterday tyler & i were dating. what an adventure it has been!

"it is so rewarding to be married. marriage is wonderful. in time you begin to think alike and have the same ideas and impressions. you have times when you are extremely happy, times of testing, and times of trial, but the lord guides you through all of those growth experiences together." -richard g. scott

he couldn't have said it better.

(wishing the iphone 5s would magically appear, hence the poor quality photo)

when i asked tyler last week how he wanted to celebrate our half year anni, i got a response that went something like this.. "to me our six month is just like the seventh or eighth or even fifth!" but i insisted, there's nothing wrong with too many anniversary's.

so our day consisted of sleeping in until eleven, going to park city for the day, eating at texas roadhouse, a little shopping, & a redbox.

here's to another week of work, school, & watching lots of netflix.

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